Share the Love

Hello my Beautiful Wonders!!!

You know I love you, and I'm so gratefull for all of you who have supported me for so long.  This week, I'm asking you to please share the LOVE... 
  My dear friend Kenny Wesley,…

Good News ... Bad News

Hello My Beautiful Wonders!!!

I have bad news... and then I have good news!!!  

  As you know I won NBC4 Washington's Be a Voice VIP last May, and my grand prize was a guaranteed audition for the…

Start Spreading the News... I'm heading to NYC!!!

Happy Holidays Fam!!!   First of all I wanna say THANKS to all of you for sticking with me over the past year since i reintroduced myself to you as Geneva Renée! 

2012 has been truly an adventure from…

Concert - Celebration of Life

As a woman in healthcare, I know how important it is to take care of our bodies, and to continue to encourage our sisters to live a healthy lifestyle.  Do you know someone who is living with a terminal illness…

From Next Door to Your Door

Yes, it's official!  I had an awesome CD Release Concert at Washington DC's iconic U-Street venue, Ben's Next Door - we filled the place up to standing room only!!!  Thank you everyone who made it out to the show, or…

On the Road to Success!!!

For the whole month of August I've been making moves, and I think you're gonna like it!!! From Maryland to California, then Virginia, and finally DC... this Beautiful Wonder is on the road to success!

First things FIRST in Maryland!

What Did You Do With My Wife?

Have you ever listened to a CD so many times, over and over, on repeat that you know exactly what note or word will come up in each second of each song? Even the little nuances like an instrumental solo…

Half a Dollar v. Two Quarters

Sometimes when you need to make a decision, you can easily let chance make the choice by flipping a coin. Well, I was faced with a tough decision yesterday, and it wasn’t as easy as choosing heads or tails.


Right Under My Nose

This debut CD has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, and I always thought it would take an act of God for this dream to ever become reality. Well, I was partially right! It…

Toothpicks in My Eyes

Toothpicks In My Eyes...

I was going to wait till later to discuss this atrocious condition that I've developed while creating my CD, but I realize now that it's extremely important to mention earlier because it will lay a…