From the recording Bionic (feat. Kal-El Gross)

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Bionic (feat. Kal-El Gross)

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Title: Bionic
Artists: Geneva Renee and Kal-El Gross
Written by Eric Campbell
Mixed and Produced by Eric Campbell and Axel Bauer at EricMakesMusic Studio, Atlanta GA
Lead Vocals by Geneva Renee and Kal-El Gross
Vocals recorded by Herb White at Uniqek Sound Studios, Washington DC


Girl I’m your superman
Call me I’m right there baby
Something about you makes me want to be everything you need
If you need a hand You know how to find me lover
Let me know And I’ll take care of your problems
I hope you understand it’s not your power it’s the faith you have in me
Let’s me know I’m loved for real
Something ‘bout the way you make me feel
Let’s me know I can take the world on

It’s like every time you’re around
It’s like nothing can knock me down
It’s like I’ve been remade
I’m bigger better stronger faster
Baby I feel bionic
You got me feelin bionic
Honey I’m bionic
Whenever you’re with me baby
(repeat chorus)

Daddy told me long ago a man can do anything if he had the right woman by his side and now I see the light
Boy you inspire me
I’m like a diva
Like first lady Obama
I’m running the game like oprah
With you I can’t be stopped baby I thought I told you
Girl we can take on the world
Put it in a box wrapped as a gift for you
Cuz I can’t do it without you

(repeat chorus 4x)