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Beautiful Wonder - Kenny Wesley, Dinky Bingham, Geneva Renee (2011)

Verse 1
I had to take this time
To let you know that somewhere
In this crazy world
There’s someone who cares about you
The encouragement you give
Makes me feel so strong
It always lets me know
That in you I have a home

Though it won’t suffice to say these words to say these words
It’s the least that I can do

Cause you’re a Beautiful Wonder
There’s strength within your heart
You survived the darkest night
That’s when your spirit comes alive
You’re a Beautiful Wonder
You can do anything
You know I love you
My Beautiful Wonder

Verse 2
It’s incredible
The way you make me smile
You inspire me constantly
I can always count on you
From the first day we met
My life has been so blessed
To have someone like you
Always around


Wonderful to me – you’re so wonderful, a miracle to me
Conquer anything – I know together we can conquer anything
Beautiful to me – I’m captivated by your presence
You bring me Joy! You bring me Joy!