Start Spreading the News... I'm heading to NYC!!!

Happy Holidays Fam!!!
First of all I wanna say THANKS to all of you for sticking with me over the past year since i reintroduced myself to you as Geneva Renée! 

2012 has been truly an adventure from sharing the microphone with the amazing jazz vocalist Maysa Leak in January, all the way to sharing the stage with the ultimate diva Diana Ross in December! Along the way, I've been blessed to have won a guaranteed VIP audition for NBC's The Voice, blessed to release my debut recording project "Beautiful Wonder", and most recently blessed to celebrate the re-election of President Obama with a full-band concert as well as join a choir to sing for the entire First Family!

I can't believe we have less than 30 days left in this year... so let's go out with a bang!  I've always wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve in New York City, so this is as close as I think I'mma get this time around!

Join me and my awesome musical family this Saturday night for my first full-band concert in NYC!

Saturday, December 15th
8pm & 9:30pm shows 
Admission $10
Billie's Black
271 West 119th Street
New York, NY 10026

Remember to Spread the News!

You know I love you... My Beautiful Wonders!

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