California Dreaming!

California Dreaming!

I am happy to announce that I will be leaving this cold weather in DC and going back home to Oxnard California this weekend to help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Pinkard's Youth Institute - Black College Tours! It is truly an enormous compliment to be invited back as the featured entertainment as well as one of their "success stories"! It was just me and my single mother growing up, but it truly took a village to raise this child!

My mother made sure I was thoroughly involved with all the community resources available to me such as the Church, the Sororities and Fraternities, the NAACP, and the 20th Century Onyx Debutantes just to name a few... Because of the Pinkards' initiative, I was able to visit several HBCUs while still in high school; and as a Cali-Kid, that experience was a major eye-opener for me! Now I can proudly say I've earned my advanced degrees (masters and doctorate) from the prestigious Howard University (the real HU) and I'm happy to visit my hometown to celebrate and encourage the next generation who will sure benefit from such a loving and giving community!

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Geneva Renee

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