Concert - Celebration of Life

As a woman in healthcare, I know how important it is to take care of our bodies, and to continue to encourage our sisters to live a healthy lifestyle.  Do you know someone who is living with a terminal illness? I know many...

My mother lived with kidney failure and went through blood dialysis 3 times a week for 10 years while still raising me and serving the community selflessly.  My Godmother is a pancreatic cancer survivor who has continued to keep her same positive spirit throughout her year of chemotherapy and rehab. Now, she is a Beautiful Wonder living her life like it's golden!

This Saturday, I invite you to join me with the all-female band, Les Femme Totale, for a full music and drama production celebrating phenominal women like my mother and godmother who have overcome so many obstacles, but chose to live positively regardless of their circumstances.
The Women's Challenge - Celebration of Life Gala
Saturday, Novemeber 17, 2012
Murphy Fine Arts Theater
2201 Argonne Dr
Baltimore MD 21251

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