Half a Dollar v. Two Quarters

Sometimes when you need to make a decision, you can easily let chance make the choice by flipping a coin. Well, I was faced with a tough decision yesterday, and it wasn’t as easy as choosing heads or tails.

After an impromptu private listening session with my writing colleagues, I received a myriad of praise and congratulations for my progress, along with quite a few suggestions about some of the songs. Most were a few minor points that can be quickly tweaked and fine-tuned.

But one suggestion floored me – to cut the song list in half!!! That means only five songs? Music industry folks call this an EP that can be used as a teaser for listeners and media while the final full-length ten-song LP is still under wraps for a later release. There are several important pros and cons to this approach, so the question was - should I release an EP or an LP?

Instead letting one flipping coin influence my decision by heads or tails, I thought it best to reach out to nearly EVERY person I know and respect in the music world to give me their two cents of advice. After a lot of text messages and phone conversations in the middle of the night, I ended up with about half a dollar on one hand and two quarters in the other.

There was no majority, so the final decision was still up to me.

I tossed and turned all night toiling with this issue, but I sorta knew the answer already… I was just seeking confirmation.

When I started this journey, my goal was a full CD with at least ten songs… and dagnammit that is still my finish line!!!

I’m sure somebody out there will enjoy at least one of the ten songs… so what’s the point in making you listeners wait, by teasing you, or depriving you from hearing all the music now? To keep you wanting more???

Trust me, I have more songs and the 2nd CD is already under production… no teasing necessary!

Feel free to leave a comment, I always enjoy your feedback...

You know I love you, my Beautiful Wonder!

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